You May be a DSP Like NURSE KRIS if…

Who is DSP Nurse Kris (On or Off-Duty!): Loves people and all things positive. Sound Pollyannaish? Well, she’s from the Midwest after all, so subscribes to many Midwestern sensibilities, but maintains an East Coast sense of adventure. Kris is as comfortable with beer and bratwurst, as she is wine and cheese. She’s had her ups and downs in life including marriage, divorce and marriage…again. Nurse Kris is a daughter, sister and wife. She’s a mom to 2 daughters and a step-mom to 2 more girls. She deals with the love and tears that accompany raising children from ages 5 to 16. She’s had the benefit of being at home with her growing children, but now embraces the challenges that go along with being a working mom.

1. You look at one– or more– divorces as “finding what fits”, not failure.

2. You’d love for your kids to get a clean bill of health at the dentist, but end-up with a dreaded cavity.

3. You consider dinner using your own dishes (while serving food from the corner delicatessen) as good as homemade, and may even take the credit ;)

4. You find perfection is better left a state of mind than reality.

5. You look at an ever-growing library late charges as a “donation” to a darn good cause!

6. You might just toss that wrinkled laundry from the dryer back into the washer for round two, rather than iron it.

7. You are thrilled new school rules don’t allow treats baked at home, but ONLY from a bakery.

8. You won’t over-commit, if it means losing the “me” time that makes for a better mom or dad– even when everyone else seems to find time to “do it all”.

9.  You know everyday domestic life can be stressful, but you are not alone and it’s okay to ask for help.

10. You might be capable of cooking, but hate to do it and not afraid to admit it.

11. You know appearances can be deceiving, so why bother trying to keep up with the Jones’s when they are most likely worried about keeping up with you!

12.  You pick up fast food for the very reason it exists– it’s quick and easy.

13.  You agree a glass of wine at the end of the day can often make life’s little challenges easier to manage– and if it’s red wine you’re drinkin’, it’s good for you too!

Check back each day this week for another “You May be a DSP if…” from another writer. Which DSP fits for you?

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