You May Be A DSP Like DSP HARLEY If…

Who is DSP Harley?
Dork. Nerd. Linebacker. Husband. Stay-at-home Dad. Step-father. Coach. Student. Friend. DSP Harley doesn’t mind funny looks when talking to kids and players about honor, respect, dignity, and discipline. Is a HUGE fan of the lost art-form of “hard work pays dividends.” DSP Harley can instantly recall seemingly useless facts about wookies, meat marinades, cars, movies, football, molecular biology, and the latest cover of People magazine. He loves his blended family and all of the kids he has ever coached. DSP Harley feels strongly that men need to MAN-UP and start educating their sons/daughters on life-lessons greater than how to download Angry Birds.
  1. You live by your MOTHER’s motto that “Dull women (or men in my case) have immaculate homes”
  2. You DON’T care that the laundry isn’t done because you spent 20-extra minutes playing with your kids outside
  3. You DO care/slightly obsess the kitchen and bathrooms are sanitary and germ free
  4. You try and talk your sons/step-sons into sitting when they pee…and even provide magazines…which really helps to accomplish #3 on this list
  5. You are equally happy talking video game development AND socio-economic development in underprivileged districts with anyone who will listen
  6. You volunteer because you hope you can help and not for any notoriety or attention
  7. You use “obscure” movie quotes to highlight humorous situations with your kids and newborn because nobody puts baby in the corner…Bueller…Bueller…hello?
  8. You LOVE the fact you are a DSP and don’t want to be ‘normal’!

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