You May be a DSP Like DSP Bert Jay if …

DSP Bert Jay is raising a family and battling hipsters in Brooklyn, NY. A former comedian engineer (they exist!) who develops products to help our aging population live healthier, independent lives while ironically, he accelerates his own demise. DSP Bert Jay enjoys music, scotch, sports, and technology but can do without the ‘Real Housewives of Wherever’. A dad who coaches his kids sports teams but not his wife’s cooking. A husband who realizes that marriage is a marathon and there will be some blisters and euphoria along the way. A friend who has learned that relationships are the key to happiness, but you have to put the work in. Oh, and DSP Bert Jay likes mint chocolate chip ice cream, but who doesn’t?

  1. You are not afraid to be seen in public with hair styled by your daughter and pastel painted toenails, because it makes her so happy.
  2. You are equally comfortable ordering (and enjoying!) that PBR in can as you are the fifteen dollar cocktail from the mixologist wearing a prospector’s vest.
  3. Weekends on your own with the kids do not scare you. They make you remember why it’s so awesome being a kid.
  4. You wear your heart and your favorite teams colors on your sleeve…literally.  Even when they are terrible.  It makes it so much better when they succeed.
  5. Although you work in the world of engineering, you dream in a world of comedy

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