You May be a DSP Like Connie if…

Who is DSP Connie:  Documentary/marketing filmmaker, young Baby Boomer and ever-evolving Domestic Square Peg. Tardy, a bit disorganized and easily distracted. DSP Connie’s passionate about everything from writing to music to nature. An avid weekend warrior, she loves outdoor adventures.  She’s an eternal romantic. Her cup is always half full, her memory half empty. A committed wife, mother and stepmom, her family keeps her grounded (finds her keys, glasses, etc). She knows discovering the humor in every situation keeps life fun! DSP Connie believes that life is a process; a culmination of our blessings, our mistakes, and how we handle each.

1.  You find yourself in the middle of the canned foods isle wondering why you came to the grocery store.  (You find humor in the situation once you get over your exasperation)

2.  You wear 4 different pairs of glasses (distance, reading, computer & sun) and routinely misplace at least one pair a day.  (Like your friends and family, you’ve come to embrace this trait as one of your endearing foibles- when it doesn’t frustrate you to tears)

3.  You are a bit disorganized when it comes to filing important papers- which is why tax season makes you cringe- not for what you owe, but for the documents you can’t find.  (There’s nothing amusing about this)

4.  Running on time is not a part of  your typical daily routine.   (It is one of your daily goals.)

5.  You are nearly 60, and fit the age group of a Baby Boomer, but you feel like you’re still 30- only better.  (You are re-defining the Baby Boomer generation)

6.)  You have found a way to embrace your uniqueness as perfectly imperfect.

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