You Asked. I Called It Like I See It.

The overwhelming theme at “In Defense of Men” is that we “Call it like we see it.”  No sugar-coating.  No filters.  What you see is our pure, unbiased analysis of both serious (bullying) and not-so-serious (man-scaping) issues.

With that in mind…I have to call out a select-group of folks with this post this week.  I recently had my FIFTH bumper-magnet stolen off my truck that says “wag more bark less”.  Granted, I know it is a magnet and easier to steal, but I refuse to put actual stickers on any of my rigs.  It ruins the paint and I have OCD issues with my ride’s paint…which is a story for another time.

Back on point.  In the back of my mind I thought it was cool, albeit annoying, that someone really wants one of those magnets for their car.  If it means that one more person buys into what I thought was the message of being more happy than mad, then that must be my contribution to the greater good right?

However…on the same day my latest magnet was stolen, I had a group of folks at an event call me an anti-war supporter because I displayed that magnet.  I’m sorry…but WTF?!?  I happen to LOVE dogs and their personalities, and I am pretty sure I was a Golden Retriever or Labrador in my former life.  Silly of me to think the message was about being happier more often than letting minor issues get to you.  But am I apparently so glib I had missed some HUGE message the dog-inspired-magnet represented?

So in the spirit of calling it like we see it, I am going on record to declare that is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard!  Associating that car magnet with anti-war sentiment is like saying because I like Chipotle burritos I support illegal immigration.  Give me a break people!  Have we passed the event horizon of sanity that everything has to have ulterior motives and can’t simply be a message like, “Don’t worry be happy”?  Would Bob Marley be detained as a suspected-terrorist if he performed that song in concert today?

We want to hear from you and know what else you have seen that warrants a “Call it like you see it” moment.  And if it was you that stole my sticker…please…display it with pride and wag that tail!

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One Response to You Asked. I Called It Like I See It.

  1. Bridget says:

    Great article Harley…and I couldn’t agree more. Just for kicks, I scoured the Internet looking for anything that might link this sticker to “anti-war” sentiment and found NONE! Most everyone views it as another way to say, “enjoy life more and complain less!” Too bad there are always the Negative Nellies out there to ruin all the innocent fun for everyone else!

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