Tell Us What Makes You a Domestic Square Peg?

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19 Responses to Tell Us What Makes You a Domestic Square Peg?

  1. Michelle Quirk says:

    Most days, I am part-time worker Bee and full-time parent. When I try
    to do both, I generally fail at one or the other or both. I can’t bake
    for the life of me so please do no sign me up for the school’s cup
    cake drive. I will happily agree to take-out as long as it means my
    hubby and I can sit on sofa, eat and drink our vino in peace (a.k.a
    the kid is asleep).

  2. I love to cook and bake, but I hate vacuuming, but that’s why I have a husband.

  3. Katie H says:

    I’m a recently graduated college student trying to be a real adult. Let’s just say there have been some domestic bumps along the road, and that I no longer have many white items of clothing… I have a growing collection of dingy pink items though!

  4. Babs Hamachek says:

    I have perfected the Trader Joe’s dinner party! It’s way more important to me to spend time with my friends than worry about every little detail.

  5. Julie Kaynor says:

    Our family is currently hosting a 21 year-old Italian guy who LOVES to eat meat, meat, and MORE MEAT (horse is his absolute favorite!). I am completely squeamish about red meat to begin with, and my cooking skills failed to advance past about a fourth grade level, so I am waaaay too embarrassed to tell him that I haven’t the slightest idea how to cook even a simple pork chop. Instead, I am having to rely on my 18 year-old son to grill up the ghastly array of red, dripping meat selections that are suddenly finding their way into my kitchen (that, and a few stealthy trips to the deli counter at New Seasons, and my secret is safe — for now!).

  6. Mary says:

    I’m a full-time student, part-time JCrew salesperson, part-time nanny, and part-time actress. I love staying busy, but when I have free time I spend it watching True Blood or Skyping a friend. I love to bake, but not to cook (or do dishes. or clean at all.), and I honestly worry about not being the perfect wife/mother with dinner on the table and a perfectly organized house. I want to do it all, but I know I won’t be able to, and I know it will upset me.

  7. Marissa Falconer says:

    I’m a full-time student with a passion for people and a handful of photography skills. I like to think that I’ll find a high-paying job that will blend them both, but with all the loans I’ve taken out it looks like I should become a surgeon.

  8. Linda Favero says:

    Me? Domestic? Ha! My husband is the domestic diva in this house – he does all the shopping and cooking, among other things. I can make grilled cheese, PB, grill, pancakes and choc chip cookies – that’s about it! When I met my husband, he loved to cook. I told my mom I felt guilty that I didn’t cook and figured I needed to learn. My mom said, “you will always have plenty to do, so let him shop and cook.” It has worked for us for over 20 years!

  9. Jenn SS says:

    I was way too domestic at a young age due to family illness. Now that I’m an “adult” and have a family of my own, there are just things that I don’t want to do anymore. AND, I’ve never done things the “right” way anyhow. I’m a Square Peg by virtue of just listening to myself and not to anyone else. And, I can’t keep my mouth shut! :)

  10. Becca W says:

    I’m a student turned teacher and I can barely find enough time to keep my kiddos on task let alone my life! Love to cook and bake but recently, I confess take-out over having to plan another thing (or calculate portion differences for one) sounds too good to pass up!

  11. Monique F says:

    I am a Square Peg because of my job. I work 80 hours a week and love my job; although my laundry pile can get quite high. I have also learned that the apartment doesn’t have to be perfect- it just has to be what you want it to be!

  12. Elizabeth H says:

    I absolutely love to cook. I’m picky about my ingredients (local, organic, sustainably raised) and I have been known to buy enough cheese for a cocktail party when it’s just my husband and I hanging out on a Friday in front of the tv. Yet, my laundry often sits in the washer for 24 hours until I remember, wash it again, only to forget it in the dryer for a week. And my dish-doing skills? Well, let’s just say I’m luck I married a man who enjoys cleaning ‘em up!

  13. Kate says:

    I am a domestic square peg because I can never cook or eat a nice meal without spilling it all over my shirt. Sometimes I am really clumsy and accident prone in the kitchen. Whatever! I have fun doing it!

  14. Tori says:

    As a college students my opportunities to cook have been very limited to this point. But let’s just say the few times I have found myself in the kitchen I’ve mixed up the salt and sugar proportions for the recipe… thankfully the taste-as-you-bake rule saved me before it was too late

  15. Pati Nelson says:

    I have found I prefer being at my barn in the dust and the dirt to cleaning dust and dirt in my home. Housework is easier if I have my spurs on! Love this non-domestic goddess phase of my life!

  16. Ruthie L. says:

    Even though I grew up with a great mother who loved me and did all she could to raise me right, there are a few essential domestic qualities that must have slipped through the life curriculum my mom taught me. Things I am embarrassed to admit I have no idea how to do. Such as ironing–I think I’ve picked up an iron maybe once in my life. Sad, I know. But whenever something needed to be ironed, my mom would say (in her very Armenian way), “Bring me a spray bottle! We will spray some water on it and the wrinkles will fall out!”

    So there it is…I’m a non-ironer. And lets not even get into sewing…

  17. Lauren says:

    I’m getting much better at cooking, but when I make mistakes? The four-letter words fly thick and fast.

  18. Lisa G. says:

    I like being able to put my feet in a million different worlds. In the same day, I can attend meetings, go to class, cook a dinner, go for a run, and socialize with friends. But I’m always running about 5 minutes later than planned (!), but all I have to do is sit back and know it will all be accomplished somehow!

  19. Kris says:

    I would love to have a dinner party but I’m intimidated.
    I want a hot breakfast for my kids, but sometimes heating a bagel is the best I can do.
    I want to clean my house once a week, but once a month may have to suffice.
    I always want to be on time, but sometimes I’m late.
    My “whites” aren’t always so white.
    I want to remember birthdays, but it’s a challenge remembering my own!
    I forget.
    Did I mention sometimes I forget?! ;)
    Yep, that’s me– definitely a Domestic Square Peg.
    I am who I am and I wouldn’t change we a thing– thanks DSP for creating a community where it’s fun not to “fit in”!

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