What is a Domestic Square Peg (DSP)?

If you took the word domestic, which means to perform tasks and manage activities pertaining to home, household, and/or family members, and combine it with the words square peg, which mean to not fit in, you would get a Domestic Square Peg. (DSP)

A DSP is a person who, no matter how hard they try to manage their busy daily life, often feels like they just can’t fit everything in.  We’re not perfect, and we think that’s gloriously liberating!

Now, it is important to note being a DSP does not mean you are a domestic failure or you are giving up on domestic life. A DSP keeps doing their best to be a good person, a good partner or spouse, a good parent and a good friend, all while trying to manage often overly busy lives.

Some DSPs are stay-at-home dads who are trying to fit in to the typically mom-based playgroups while still keeping up with the current NFL scores. You can also find DSPs who are fresh out of college and finding their way in the “adult” world. Other DSPs are discovering their second careers and figuring out how to fit in with the Baby Boomer generation while thriving and exploring new and exciting adventures.

DSPs try– and occasionally succeed– at domestic tasks such as meal planning rather than heavily relying on takeout. They may occasionally bake a pie rather than buy one from the bakery. And sometimes they cheerfully drive a clean car, full of clean children to school without yelling at them about being late (again!)

However, a DSP will also accept and maybe even embrace the fact that takeout saves them when it’s dinnertime and there is nothing planned; that there is peace of mind in knowing the bakery has good desserts, since there is a 50/50 chance the pie will be burnt; and that dirty cars, not perfectly clean kids, and a few school tardies won’t keep their kids from graduating.

A DSP will probably never be, nor truly aspire to be, a domestic diva or a domestic stud. There are plenty of those out there whom DSPs appreciate and admire for everything they do to help the less domestically inclined. From sewing costumes for school plays to helping with home repairs, DSPs love them for their perfect domestic round pegness and their kind acceptance of other’s domestic square pegness.

A DSP knows it’s gloriously liberating to be imperfect.  We believe in finding what fits for you!