Vision Problems: A Family Epidemic

All day long my family runs up and down the stairs practically having to hurdle over the mounting pile of shoes, socks, clothes, books, and toys that I have put on the bottom stair for everyone to take up to their rooms. Yet, at the end of the day when I ask them if they have picked up those items they look at me blankly and say,

“What stuff on the stairs?”

That is a vision problem.

“Are you still at the store? We are out of yogurt.” My husband calls and asks me while I am finishing up at the checkout counter.

“Are you sure? I just bought a case at COSTCO. We could not have eaten all of it that fast.” I asked perplexed.

If Mom sees it, I don’t have to


“Honey, I am standing here in front of the refrigerator right now, and there is none,” he said convincingly.

I finish my transaction and load my groceries into the car. Then I run back in the store to buy yogurt wondering if I am losing my mind. Of course, by the time I get the yogurt and get back to the checkout counter there is a long line.

After unloading the last bag of groceries at home, I open the refrigerator and without moving a thing, I see the entire case of yogurt on the bottom shelf.

That is a vision problem.

And by the way, sadly, there is no cure.


Now every member of my family has had an eye test resulting with 20/20 vision. I, however, believed these doctors had to be wrong. There was no way they could have perfect vision and still miss everything that seemed to be right in front of their faces.

Every one of them has told me that they did not see the five empty boxes of cereal in the cabinet, or that our dogs had empty food or water bowls. They have told me that they did not see all of the garbage that covered the floor of our car while they climbed out empty handed.  They have told me countless times that they had not seen the toilet paper holder was missing a roll.

Then, there was my rotting banana in the middle of our kitchen counter experiment.  I had once left out a rotting banana just see how long it would take for someone to notice it and throw it away. After a week of looking at the furry, blacken, smelly lump, I gave in and just threw it away. I didn’t even ask if anyone had seen it, knowing what their answer would be.

Just when I had become really concerned about my family, I discovered this “vision problem” was an epidemic.  Every mom I spoke with said they had noticed the same vision problem with their families.  After much thought, I believe I have identified this common condition. It is called, “Mom’s Got it Vision”. If Mom’s sees it, I don’t have to. And by the way, sadly, there is no cure.

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