There’s a App for that. And that, too.

DSP Bert Jay digs his smart phone, is a self-proclaimed techie nerd, part-time amateur photographer (mostly of his kids and funky spots around NYC), running enthusiast and music fanatic. He’s shared his top 5 smart phone apps that fit for him. Enjoy!

Nike+ GPS ($1.99)

This is the app that finally made me a runner.  Prior to this, I wouldn’t be caught running unless I had a basketball or stolen property in my hand (kidding).  I hated running, especially on a treadmill.  Once I started tracking my runs, in terms of distance, pace and mapping – it became addictive.   Throw in moving to New York City and now I am Steve Prefontaine.   This app has a lot to do with my newfound abilities.  Try it yourself and you will see.

Hipstamatic ($1.99)

I fancy myself a photographer, but rarely pull out the big camera with the various lenses, f-stop settings and shutter speeds to determine.  You know what they say…”the best camera is the one you have with you.”  Well that is true and with the incredible camera capabilities in smart phones, having good photo apps are a must.  I love Hipstamatic.  Some love Instagram (especially Mark Zuckerberg), but Hipstamatic is easy, cheap and effective.  It’s up to you to find the cool pictures to take.  The app does the rest and makes your photos look like they came from 1956, 1974, or the future.  Cool stuff.

Yelp (Free)

I’m on a business trip, I am wandering around and I need to find some Indian food.  Bring this bad boy up, and wha-la.  You are dialed in like a local.  Throw in the easy access to user reviews and you can quickly find where to go and where to avoid.   The ‘Monocle’ feature will flat out freak people out when you show see ideas for Irish Bars popping up on your camera and you spin around in a circle.   You’ll probably end up dizzy and not needing that last Guinness.  But if you still do, Yelp will have you covered.

Spotify (Free…well…not really)

Bye bye iTunes.  It’s been fun.  The age of streaming music is here and owning music is sooooo 1995.  Get with the program and act like the younger kids.  Get setup with Spotify on your main PC.  It’s like iTunes, except it basically has every song ever and you don’t have to pay anything to listen.  But…here is the catch and it’s ok…you need to pop $10 a month to get things rolling on your smart phone.  It’s worth it.  Build your playlists, listen to that new album you thought you wanted only to find out it stinks, then share your favorite tracks with your other Spotify friends.   Trust me on this one.  If you love music and listen to it a lot, this is a no brainer.

Shazam (Free)

Ok, you said you loved music, but are not one of the cool kids who knows all the latest and greatest bands and hip tunes.  You find yourself at H&M buying something and then hear a great song jamming over their sound system.  ”Who is that!?” you ask.   Well, bring up Shazam.  It will listen to the song, then “Shazam” tell you who it is.   You might be embarrassed when it says “Led Zeppelin…Stairway to Heaven”, but you’ll get over it.

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