There is Never a Dull Moment at a DSP Brainstorming Session

DSP Dixie: We need to come up with a unique and entertaining piece for Cinco de Mayo.

DSP Daisy: We could write about how my mom called and asked me what day Cinco de Mayo is on.

DSP Nurse Kris: I remember back in the first grade I asked when the fourth of July was…duh! :(

DSP Daisy: I’ll tell her. I am sure she’ll feel much better when she hears you made the same type of mistake when you were only six years old. :)

DSP Dixie: Maybe we can put up a Not (Quite) Mother’s easy taco recipe that even DSP Lovey could handle.

DSP Connie: Are you sure DSP Lovey could handle it? Remember she burned hard boiled eggs last weekend? She is still trying to figure how to get the chunks of egg off the ceiling from the one that exploded.

DSP Dixie: Good point. Let’s put up an easy taco recipe that everyone but DSP Lovey could make.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

Oh yeah, if DSP Lovey’s mom is reading this, Cinco de Mayo is May 5th and Fourth of July is July 4th. :)


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