The Night I Saw My Neighbors Naked

Recently, I saw most of my neighbor ladies naked. Well, not buck-naked, but close enough. To top it off, they were running around with wine in their glasses blasting Beyonce.

Yep, that’s how I roll, not all the time mind you– but from time to time.

I was at a legendary NAKED LADY PARTY. What? Never heard of one? Well, the premise is simple:

  • Host invites girlfriends over for a clothes swap.
  • Each guest bring X number of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories that they no longer want/need/fit into.
  • Items are sorted into different rooms of the home and displayed by size.
  • After some liquid courage (aka DSP Dixie’s margaritas), guest nude-up (as much as they are comfortable with) and run from room to room FINDING WHAT FITS FOR THEM: jeans, stilettos, scarves and purses.
  • Guests get to take home the same number of items they brought.
  • Leftover items are donated to a local charity or shelter.

The Naked Lake Party is my kind of night: drinks, music, shopping, friends and a small dose of inappropriateness.

Anyone can host a NLP. Even DSP Lovey would be welcome with her Garanimal-labeled items!

Naked Lady Parties are easy, inexpensive (ask guests to BYOB), resourceful, good for the environment and most of all freakin’ fun. After seeing your neighbor in her granny panties or Cosabella thong, how can you get angry at her the next time she leaves her trash can out for three days?

*Warning: Be prepared for numerous questions when you get home from your husband if he is anything like mine. I relished in the fact that I knew a lot more about our ‘hood than he will ever know!

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