The Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

Today, this whole week, has been an avalanche of news regarding female beauty.  First, there was People Magazine announcing Beyonce’ as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman.  Then, almost simultaneous was an announcement from Britain that some group there names an 18 year old named Florence Colgate as the most beautiful.

One is a super star who is familiar to us all and the other is a barista who scientifically has perfect symmetry and perfect features.  I gotta tell ya, they are both really, really pretty.  But what a stupid title to drop on a single pair (two single pairs?) of shoulders.  Has beauty ever left the realm of the eye of the beholder?  No it has not.

What encouraged me to write this piece was a headline on the web, also this week, which stated only one-in-ten women consider themselves attractive.  As the father of two young women, I have seen how this mindset works and it is ugly.  That’s what’s ugly, the mindset, not the women.

Women are beautiful.  All women.
Now please don’t take me as some preacher or psychologist claiming that beauty is within and personality matters most and blah, blah, blah.  I’m talking physical beauty and as a man with a practiced eye, let me say that all women are beautiful.  Some– wait for it– are more beautiful than others.  But to be self-conscious or withdrawn because someone else’s hair is blonder or skin is smoother denies your own good side.

Two friends of mine, that I will not name, posted a picture on Facebook this week.  It was the two of them seated at a local watering hole beneath a sign encouraging “Cheer Up” on the wall.  Both legitimate beauties.  The age difference between my friends, likely thirty years.  But the happiness and the dimples made me wish I was pickin’ up the check.  Who was more attractive?  The other one.  Right.

Simma’ down, now
You do not need to fit the cover girl stereo type to be attractive.  And I’m a pretty two dimensional guy who used to be accused of wanting the lookers and settlin’ for the dancin’ bears.  Men have gotten smarter than that.  Good teeth?  Show ‘em off.  Great hair or skin or tummy or cleavage?  Make it your signature.  Men don’t need the perfect specimen to see the beauty of the woman they desire.  We really want someone comfortable in their skin, even if their skin is not like Beyonce’ or the symmetrical Brit…. who, by the way, looks like my son’s old girlfriend.  But that’s another story.

So maybe I am getting back to a bit of Dr. Phil.  All women, and I presume all men, have their attractive parts and average parts and for most of us, parts we’d love to make go away.  But it is the part between your ears that allows for the flaunting of what you have.

One last story. 
Eighteen months ago I went to my 40th high school reunion and was expecting to see familiar faces hidden behind deep wrinkles and gray bobs.  For the most part, that’s exactly what I saw.  It was glorious.  All night I kept spinning around seeing another beautiful woman in all her perfectly imperfect physique enjoying herself and huggin’ on all us old fat guys.  I hope they felt as lovely as they are.

But back to that headline… one in ten feeling attractive is so wrong!  You want a wolf whistle, come my way.  Me, and most of the guys I know love every damn one of you.

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