The Importance of a Messy Car

messy family cars, emergency preparedness, messy mom carsThe inside of my SUV looks like someone lives in it. And the reality is you could actually survive a solid week or more without seeking outside supplies.

There are no less than seven pairs of socks strewn throughout the vehicle. (There may not be seven clean or matched pairs, but there is a solid week’s supply.)

There are no less than seven half full water bottles. Some wedged underneath seats, others rolling around making clinking noises, (which make me crazy when I am driving and can’t reach them).

There are often overdue library books wedged between seats that my kids swore they had already returned.

There is always a case of protein shakes, a meal replacement for the child or adult who didn’t eat breakfast.

There is a frequently used first aid kit, always loaded with Band-Aids for the many sports injuries we seem to have.

I am confident you can find a half-eaten granola bar or two, which are probably still good, if you don’t mind picking off a thin coating of Dalmatian hair.  (Same goes for the Goldfish crackers and old french fries.)

On any given day there is a variety of shoes, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, and shorts. Most aren’t even my family’s items. They have been left behind during one of our many carpools.

There is, for sure, an iPod or portable gaming device stuck in some dark nook, that my kids have accused each other of losing. (Tiny game cartridges are in the same dark nook but probably much harder to find due to their size.)

And there is at least five dollars in change scattered throughout the car.

Now I used to clean the SUV out frequently. I would demand that my children removed all of their stuff the second we got home. However, like an aggressively growing bacteria, all of the little things they said they brought in but didn’t would almost instantaneously multiple and within a few days the car would be right back where it was before I cleaned it out.  It was so frustrating!

But all of that frustration went away the day I read an article about the importance of having emergency supplies in your car. I discovered after looking through the list of “must have” items, that I had all of them in my car already! (Maybe not quite in the forms recommended, but I still had everything.) I convinced myself that it would be very irresponsible for me to continue cleaning out the car.  What would my family survive on if we were stranded somewhere?

So the next time someone comments on how messy your car is, (in my case that would be my husband), just tell them, what I do. You are practicing Emergency Preparedness. (And if you really want to make them feel bad for asking such a rude question, ask them how they plan to take care of their family in an emergency with their overly clean car?)

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One Response to The Importance of a Messy Car

  1. Barbara says:

    Good thinking, I may need to leave a few more items in my car!! Girl Scout motto: always be prepared!!!

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