Rx NURSE KRIS: Alternatives to the Traditional Easter Basket

With Easter right around the corner, candy bunnies are multiplying just about as fast as DSP Dixie’s collection of Southern cocktails.  But have you ever thought about looking beyond the chocolate bunny? Now I am not here to ruin all the sugar-filled fun, I love a good ‘ol candy-driven holiday as much as the rest.  I also love sneaking my kid’s treats as much as the next parent, but I also enjoy spending some of those candy coins on items that last longer.

As a Domestic Square Peg, I like to do things a little differently, so I’ve come up with a few creative ideas on how to stuff my kids Easter baskets with cool things they can keep!

  1. Easter Eggs filled with Stickers and Tattoos.
  2. Summer pajamas
  3. Coloring Books and Crayons (find at Target or just about any Dollar/99-cent Store)
  4. Crayola Easter Egg & Chick-Shaped Chalk 
  5. Magazines (I like to give a current issue of my kid’s favorite age-appropriate magazine and include  a subscription)
  6. Cuties (yes, the tiny oranges ~ decorated with a bunny or chick face using colorful Sharpie Markers)
  7. Packages of Vegetable and Flower Seeds (for Spring plantin’!)
  8. Colorful Summer Tank Tops & T-Shirts (Justice,Old Navy and Target are a few favorite sources)
  9. Puzzles
  10. Books
  11. Jewelry (inexpensive yarn or rubber bracelets are currently popular and can be found at many stores. The guys like them too, or fun tropically-influenced necklaces)
  12. Some spankin’ new flip-flops
  13. And of course, the quintessential Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny (be sure you make it dark because it’s the heart healthy choice!)

Happy Easter!

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