Review: SC Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel

What they claim:

“You don’t have to take on toilet cleaning alone. Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel takes care of the tough work for you by preventing the build-up of lime scale and toilet rings. Simply use the dispenser to stamp a gel disc onto the inside of your toilet bowl. The discreet gel disc sits just under the rim. There’s no need to touch the disc or the bowl with your hand, making Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel more hygienic than traditional clip-on bowl cleaners.

The gel disc gradually dissolves with each flush, allowing a controlled release of cleaning solution and fragrance. Each disc lasts up to one week and leaves no residue behind. Your toilet bowl will remain cleaner, longer—with practically zero effort.”

What we claim:

DSP Count Raoul 

Scrubbing Bubbles does the job.  Lift your lid and spray the blue foam up against the rim and down at the water line and walk away.  But don’t go far ‘cause Scrubbing Bubbles is at work.  You will notice that it turns white after about 20 seconds.  You’ll want to use the brush, but you will not work hard.  That’s one of the hidden truths of toilet cleaning.  On a regular schedule it’s very easy work.  But if you don’t scrub hard you get images of mildew and worse.  So you scrub hard but you do it with some comfort, because the blue foam has turned white and the bowl is clean.  This product makes you happy.

DSP Dixie 

Yes, this product review was my idea. With two young kids in the house, a clean potty is rare and anything to help reduce my cleaning time is welcomed. My favorite thing about the SC Johnson Toilet Gel is that is smells good! My bathroom may not be technically clean, but it smells like it is. Fake it till ya make it, baby! Each gel blob lasts about a month. I swish around with the toilet brush about every two weeks and call it good. That’s my kind of cleaning. I give it a 10! You can even sign up for coupons on the company’s website and Lordy knows, DSP Dix loves her a discount.

DSP Connie

I love a clean toilet (really love it) but clean first of all means “fresh smelling” and I say Scrubbing Bubbles fails for me because it smells too chemically.  I have a different favorite bowl cleaner, but that’s another review.  Even if this product does clean toilet like a dozen tiny men with scrub brushes inside the john, it’s not my style.  Because I don’t like the smell,  I give this one a thumbs down.

DSP Nurse Kris [?]

I am a clean freak, so would LOVE to use this product– buuuut, I happen to have a kitty-cat who likes to drink toilet water from time to time (ick!), so I opted to skip testing Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel so I wouldn’t poison my cat.  Something to think about as you are contemplating whether or not this product is a fit for you. Love the concept, though!

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