Product Review: Gluten-Free Beer

Are you a Domestic Square Peg who feels like they just can’t fit in at a party because you can’t drink traditional beers? DSP Connie has Celiac Disease and DSP Dixie doesn’t like to drink alone at the Friday afternoon meetings. In the name of research, we tested two different gluten-free beers:

Green’s Amber Ale: (Belgium)

Bard’s Sorghum Malt: (American) – Click here for more reviews.

DSP Dixie: 

Green’s Amber Ale: Good bubbles and taste. Amber is my favorite! Would LOVE it with cheese and gluten free crackers. Light and a little “watery” but still makes a decent burp. Good summer beer.

Bard’s Sorghum Malt: Yummy. I would even drink this when I didn’t “have” too. But, I’m easy. Is it 5:00 yet?

DSP Connie:

Green’s Amber Ale: I stopped drinking beer a couple years ago, but took a taste in the name of research.  I like it! It reminds me of traditional Irish amber beer…it even smells good.

Bard’s Sorghum Malt: Malt usually means barley, which is a gluten no-no, so I’m wondering how they make this malt beer.  I find Bard’s tastes mellow, kinda “thin” as opposed to full-bodied.  It would be good with strawberries or dark chocolate. Or, both!

DSP Lovey:

Green’s Amber Ale: Really like this one: very flavorful. It tastes like a good wheat beer. It would taste GREAT with a burger. Bring it.

Bard’s Sorghum Malt: Not bitter, smooth, needs more flavor to stand up to a burger though. (Sorry, for the burger mentions. I was really hungry when I reviewed these.)

DSP Nurse Kris:

Green’s Amber Ale: Zippy, nice head, and NO SULFITES is a bonus.

Bard’s Sorghum Malt: Don’t like the aftertaste, unfulfilling, weak.

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