Product Review: Eggies

What are Eggies?
Eggies are kitchen tools that are supposed to make cooking hard boiled eggs a cinch! No peeling shells, no waiting for the water to boil and no waiting for the eggs to cool before having to peel them. As Domestic Square Pegs, we are always looking for yet another way to make our lives a little easier, but are Eggies more work than they’re worth?!

DSP Lovey 

This will be a really quick review for me. My kids and I kept seeing the advertisment on television for Eggies and thought they looked fun. Thinking back, I am not sure why we thought they looked fun? But anyway, I was at Rite Aid Pharmacy one day and saw them, so I decided to give them a try. After dumping out a box of what seemed like twenty individually packaged plastic puzzle pieces, I made a very quick decision that there was too much assembly for this DSP, being that I am assembly-challeged. Even my kids thought it looked like too much work for a shell free hard boiled eggs. I crammed all the pieces back in the box and gave it to my assembly-inclined fellow DSP Dixie to try. What did you think Dixie?

DSP Dixie 

Top 5 reasons why I won’t be buying the Eggies for all my DSP friends:

#5. They resemble plastic baby bottles too much and I get sleep deprivation/projectile vomit flashbacks.

#4: My Mom and I could not figure out how to put them together properly until we read the directions. Twice.

#3: After we read the directions (twice) and put them together, and put the eggs in, we realized we had put them together wrong and were only making a half boiled egg.

#2: The eggs looked and tasted odd. There’s no other way around it.

And the #1 reason I will not be buying Eggies for all my Domestic Square Peg friends: I couldn’t manage to figure out how to get all the parts and pieces back in the box and they are now spilled out in my already disorganized pantry – mocking and  reminding me of that simple fact.

DSPs Nurse Kris Off-Duty & Connie 

DSP Connie and I decided to try Eggie’s out together.  After reading our fellow-DSP’s reviews we thought it just might take 2 of us DSPs to get the job done!  I can quickly sum-up my experience:  I like the result, but think it was too much work.  Connie also liked them and is eager to use them again, here’s why:  we agreed the egg yolk came out more moist and firmer than traditional cooking.  We think this is because the eggs are basically cooked with steam. We had no problem putting the pieces together.  We do recommend cracking each egg into a measuring cup with a spout and pouring them into the Eggie holder.

One situation where we think Eggies may shine is with very fresh eggs— straight from the farm.  The fresher the egg, the firmer the shell, so trying to peel off a boiled shell can be tough.  Connie also thought the Eggies actually made for tastier eggs.

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