Product Review: Colgate Wisp

Colgate® WISP the first disposable mini-toothbrush with a breath freshening bead that allows you to have a clean, fresh mouth with no water or rinsing.

DSP Dixie 

I discovered these little wonders at a local Dollar Store about 2 years ago. I love to keep them in my purse for those post-garlic soaked Thai lunches that I crave from time to time. They are the perfect size for an evening bag when you are nibbling, drinking and mingling with people at different events.

DSP Connie

Now we’re onto something… this teeny-tiny toothbrush saves the day!  You can tuck it in your purse, your wallet, your back pocket– and call upon the Colgate Wisp to do it’s not-so-tiny job of cleaning your teeth whenever and wherever you need a quick clean-up.  I take this with me so I can brush my teeth during DSP meetings and nobody even notices (they’re all arguing amongst themselves anyway).  So I say the little Wisp is a big fit for me!

DSP Lovey

Oh, how I love you Colgate Wisp tiny toothbrushes. You have slayed the dragon’s breath of my family more times than I can count. No longer do I have to dig into the bottom of my purse for a piece of mint gum (riddled with guilt) for one of my children who left the house without brushing their teeth. I love these tiny brushes so much I had considered handing them out at Halloween instead of candy until I realized the parents would appreciate them, but the kids would probably just egg my house. My only hope is that COSTCO starts selling them in bulk. I will be buying a case or two.

DSP Nurse Kris

I love ‘em as well!  Who wouldn’t?  At just over 3 inches, it’s tiny enough to tuck just about anywhere.  It freshens breath when you may need it most– without water.  It doesn’t cost a lot ($5.49 for 16 of them).  Finally, it certainly can save the day– especially after a business lunch or date with that special someone. The freshening bead and brush lasts a lot longer than gum or a mint, because you eliminate the source of the stink in your mouth– bacteria!  They also have a toothpick at one end of the brush which can help get you out of a “sticky” situation.  Colgate Wisp is a fit for me and my family!

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