Product Review: Banana Boat Sport Performance Ultra Mist Sunscreen Clear Spray

Banana Boat sunscreen is a staple in many family’s beach bags. The spray sunscreens seem to be all the rage these past few years. Your pals at Domestic Square Peg decided to one of the most popular brands.  We chose the Banana Boat® Sport Performance® UltraMist®Sunscreen SPF 50 Continuous Clear Spray which retails for about $10 a can and found at most drugstores and grocery stores.

DSP Connie 

I realize spray-on sunscreen can go into the air as much as it goes onto your skin, but I think it’s worth a little overspray.  Why?  Because if I’m out by myself, there’s no need to accost strangers to reapply sunscreen on my back for me.  Plus, who needs greasy or oily hands when you can barely move from your novel to retouch protection with the push on the nozzle.  I’ve tried just about every brand, and Banana Boat’s UltraMist spray works great, especially when it comes to keeping kids covered without interrupting their sand-castle building time.  I’m willing to pay a little extra for the convenience and quality UV protection.  It fits my sun-loving DSP lifestyle.

DSP Lovey 

When it comes to applying sunscreen on myself, my husband and my children I am all about what is the easiest, quickest application, has the best chance of protection coverage and can stay on fairly well when getting in and out of the water. Banana Boat’s Ultra Mist spray meets those needs. However, with a super tall (6’11″) husband and three tall children the can was near empty by time it was my turn to use it. I ended-up turning the can upside down, sideways and shaking it in an effort to get out the last drizzle of sunscreen. Therefore, my biggest complaint was that there is not enough in the can for my entire family. Looks like I will just have to carry an extra can of spray rather than go back to old gooey, hard to apply lotion. It is a great product.

DSP Nurse Kris

Love it! And here’s why– it’s easy!  I hate having to spread sloppy sunscreen.  I also don’t like waiting for it to dry. This being said, as a nurse, I still do recommend you start your day in the sun with a good dose of lotion all over your body, but then touch-up every couple of hours with a spray. I also really like the smell that makes it feel like summer everyday!  As Lovey mentioned, carry a few cans because kids can go through spray quickly– a good reason you should be the one making sure the spray is actually getting applied evenly.

DSP Dixie 

Love the idea, hate the ROI. When I see the mist of this sunscreen flying around my children, it is like dollar bills floating though the sky. I’m also not sold on the coverage. Growing up in the South, sunscreen is second nature to me and part of my daily grind. I have about 10 different tubes and bottles at all times. A large container of sunscreen lotion of a similar size and cost can last my family of four about 10 times longer than a mist. For me, this product just doesn’t FIT. However, if it had a little “sparkle” to it and made my legs look longer, that would be a different story all together.

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