‘Part Time’ Is Like the Wedge of Shoes

When my first child was born, the thought of quitting my job was a difficult and angst-ridden decision. I waited until my 30s to have children and was proud of my accomplishments and not sure I wanted to step away from all that hard work…not to mention adult interaction, business lunches and expense accounts.

Luckily/unluckily, the start-up company that was to make us Internet IPO millionaires that my husband worked for somehow (gasp!) went out of business prior to our daughter’s birth.

Decision made. After my maternity leave, I would return to work to a job I loved and my husband would become one of the first stay-at-home Dads we knew. It was 2001.

He flourished and it fit for our family. We continued on this route for seven months until he went back to work and our daughter went to day care. About a year later, sweet thing 2 was born and the decision faced us again. What would fit for us this time?

During this period we decided to move from the East Coast to the West for a new job opportunity for my husband. Decision made again. I would quit my job (sigh) and stay home to raise our two young children. It fit for us.

Part timers – like the wedge of the shoe world

After some time, I got restless and returned to work part time. I struggled to fit in the business world in a part-time basis and at the same time fit in with our play date groups. I wasn’t a working mom (heel) or a stay at home mom (flat). I was a wedge.

The grass is always greener

When I told my working mom friends that I worked part-time, they oozed envy. When I told my full- time moms that I worked part-time, they seemed jealous too. But, was working part time all that glamourous? No. But, it fit for our family.

In a world where traditional domestic roles are changing faster than green grass through a goose, Domestic Square Peg encourages you to find what fits for you and your family. Who knows, a wedge may fit you fine, too.

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