One Dog. Four Ways. No Cook. Store Bought. Happy Mom.

It’s summertime and that means firing up the grill at my house. (DSP Dixie reminder: you grill food, you eat bbq) The grill makes me happy: no dishes, no heating up the house, and best of all – the hubby is in charge at our house. That means I can sit back and enjoy my legendary 4-5-6 margarita.

My favorite way to entertain is to set out a buffet and let everyone custom assemble their meals. It’s interactive, fun, mostly store-bought, and easy to do – all essential for DSP-approved entertaining. A hot dog bar pleases everyone and just screams summertime!

I double dog dare you to eat just one.

DSP Dixie’s Hot Diggity Dog Bar – One Dog, Four Ways

  • Hot dogs (I like the new Oscar Mayer Selects – no nitrates and 100% beef)
  • Turkey or Veggie dogs if necessary
  • Buns (I like to get traditional, poppy seed for the Chicago dogs, and gluten free buns for DSP Connie)

Condiments: Ketchup and Mustard (whole grain for your high-cotton friends & yellow for me)

  1. Aloha Dog - Cubed pineapple and red onions (stir fry with sugar, salt and cayenne pepper prior to party if you are feeling fancy. If not, set them out raw and it’s still a reason to say ‘Mahalo’)
  2. Mexi-Dog - Chili powder, corn kernels, crumbled Cotija or feta cheese, 2 Tbs of mayo mixed with 2 tsps lime juice for drizzling. Gracias.
  3. Beanie Weanie Dog – Cooked bacon, baked beans,  and diced white onion. Pile them on your dog, and shout yee-haw!
  4. Cubs Dog – Chopped white onion, relish, dill pickle spears, poppy seed buns, pickled peppers, and celery salt. Take this DOG out to the ballgame!

Set out the fixens for each style of dog together in small bowls and let your guests go crazy. You may want to put a notecard with the name of the dog and the ingredients if you really want to knock their socks off.

Serve up big bowls of chips and/or pretzels and you’ve got yourself an easy, DSP-approved summertime party that will make your momma proud!

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