Olympic Observations from My Skybox

  • In this news-crazy world, it is almost impossible to hide from the results of major events prior to primetime coverage.  Are the other networks and media trying to rain on NBC’s parade?
  • The most thrilling event so far is different depending who you ask.  In general, for me, the women have been more dramatic than the men. (note volleyball and soccer)
  • What’s with the beach volleyball players in tiny bikinis and the spectators in parkas?
  • The event I’m furthest from competing in is platform diving.  I understand you must leave the perch to get a ‘0.0’.  Ain’t gonna happen.
  • The event I’m closest to competing in is doubles ping-pong.  If I got a good partner, I know we could score.
  • Why does my wife turn down the lights and insist on silence during the introduction of athletes in the men’s swimming events?
  • For me, a little something grand is lost when we are reminded that every individual and team has competed against each other very recently in some sort of World Championship or whatever.  Takes away the ‘mystery’ of the unknown competitor.
  • Many American models moonlight as Olympic athletes– male and female.  This may not be new, but it’s getting more noticeable.
  • Amateur athletics used to mean ‘not paid’.  Now it means ‘not being in a professional league unless it’s basketball’.  I’m not saying they don’t deserve the money they get, but things sure have changed.
  • I am very proud of the English team.  They got chosen to host a party and became great at it.
  • Judges in the subjective scoring sports (diving, gymnastics, synchronized anything) must have super powers.  I’ve never seen such perfection considered ordinary.
  • I do not believe Pierre de Coubertin ever imagined opening and closing ceremonies produced by Disney or even Ziegfeld.  But he probably didn’t imagine BMX or rhythmic gymnastics either.
  • Our American kids continue to make me very proud.  Very proud.

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