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It’s August!  The optimal time to squeeze in that end-of-summer trip to those ever popular theme parks.  Whether it’s one of the biggies such as Magic Mountain or just a local fair, it still remains one of my least favorite things to do.  But the rest of my family LOVES them and begs to go at least once over the summer.
So I dive into the food.  Those tasty tidbits that dot the park from entrance to exit.
But keep in mind, just a few of these theme park treats can quickly add-up to a full day’s worth of fat, calories and carbs…bummer, I know.  But no worries, there are a few better choices.

The Bad:           

Cotton Candy   
220 calories
56 g sugar
Sno Cone            
270 calories
68 g sugar
300 calories
74 g sugar
400 calories
18 g fat (8.5 g saturated)
55 g sugar
Funnel Cake
580 calories
29 g fat (5 g saturated; 2.5 g trans)
43 g sugar
1,100 calories
59 g fat (18.5 g saturated)
1,580 mg sodium
Giant Turkey Leg
1,136 calories
54 g fat
Giant Soft Pretzel
527 calories
100 g carbs

Ahhh, but you know I wouldn’t disappoint you like this without making a suggestion for a slightly better way to enjoy all that theme park goodness with a little less guilt:

The Better:

45 calories
0 g fat
8 g sugar
Strawberry Ice Cream
125 calories
5.5 g fat (3.5 g saturated)
19 g sugar
Iced Tea
30 calories
0 g fat
8 g sugar
Kettle Corn (3 cups)
195 calories
7.5 g fat (0 g saturated)
9 g sugar
Doughnut (with Powdered Sugar)
190 calories
10.5 g fat (2.5 g saturated)
22 g sugar
Corn Dog 
240 calories
21 g fat (8 g saturated)
810 mg sodium
Candy Apple
330 calories
5 g fat
4 g fiber
Corn on the Cob
200 calories (with butter)
60 calories (without butter)

References:  “5 Astoundingly Bad Theme-Park Foods” , “6 Terrifying Theme Park Foods”

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