Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

Art of New Jersey wants to know ~ if the drugs banned for Olympians are the same advertised to prevent aging?

When it comes to one of the most talked about “performance enhancers”, HGH, yes, it’s the same.
HGH is Human Growth Hormone, a natural substance every body produces. It’s a super hormone that helps kids grow, regulates body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, and possibly heart function, whew!
But the bummer is, as we get older, our bodies don’t make as much.  So, people inject HGH hoping it will improve everything from their sex life and aging to sleep, vision and memory.  They want back that feeling they had when they were younger and they think HGH will give it to them.
It’s also why some hard core athletes turn to it hoping to gain a competitive edge.  HGH can boost energy, build muscle and break down fat. Some athletes take it with the belief it allows for a more rapid recovery from injury. The problem is, in the Olympics, boosting a chemical in the body– even a hormone our bodies already make, isn’t considered fair play.
Bottom line, HGH’s effect of athletic performance is unknown, but still a big no-no. As for aging, there’s also no proof it will work any wonders when it comes to making us look or feel any younger and it could cause big problems. HGH can increase your risk for diabetes, cause nerve, muscle or joint pain, raise your cholesterol, cause swelling, tingling and numbness, carpel tunnel syndrome and even contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors.  Yikes! Age boost…or bust?  You be the judge.

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  1. Peter says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the info. I was wondering what the heck all the hullabaloo was about.

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