Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

Mary of Canberra, Australia wonders if drinking cranberry juice can really discourage urinary tract infections?

I’m not surprised you are confused– me too!  And what a terrible predicament to be in when it comes to such a nasty infection, which always seems to strike at the very worst of times– like vacation– right?!
This is another one of those issues where scientists just can’t seem to make up their minds.  In fact, over the years, these same scientists have taken a look at thousands of people to figure out whether drinking cranberry juice can actually prevent UTIs.  Depending on who you talk to, there is research that shows taking cranberry juice or cranberry capsules cut the number of UTIs by a third.  But the brand-spankin’ newest research, which takes into consideration several previous studies, insists cranberry juice simply will not prevent a urinary tract infection.
Bottom line, try it out.  If you enjoy cranberry juice, can tolerate about two cups a day– and see results– keep it up!

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