Now They See It, Now They Don’t

I fancied myself one smart momma when I posted a sign that read “Do not leave stuff here. Thank you.” by our backdoor…at the site of my family’s just drop anything and everything spot.

I bathed in the compliments I received from friends when they saw my sign and the beautiful clean area that lay below it. I had finally solved one of my chronic complaints.

That last about 2 months.

Strangely enough, almost overnight, the sign became invisible. My children and husband simply could not see it… a la the bathroom garbage can, laundry basket and dishwasher- all of which no one except me in my house can see. Odd. It’s like a Nancy Drew mystery, “The Case of the Invisible Sign”.

Don’t fret, I am crafting a new sign. This one, however, won’t be as nice.

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One Response to Now They See It, Now They Don’t

  1. Barbara says:

    Very funny, maybe try a larger sign!!!

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