Holiday Party: Are You Ready Yet?

Since we are in the height of the holiday party season we thought we would bring back one of DSP Lovey’s oldie but a goody. We thought many of you moms out there could relate to the challenges of multi-tasking. Sometimes it helps to know you are not the only one trying to be everything to everyone.  If this article doesn’t help try the spiked eggnog. 

“Honey, we need to go! If we do not leave now we are going to be late!” my husband yells from the bottom of our stairs.

I, on the other hand, am upstairs rushing around with wet hair, holding one shoe and hating what I have settled on wearing after trying on several different options.

“I can’t believe how long it takes you to get ready. How much primping can you do?” he adds trying to be funny.

I am trying not to completely lose it and start our evening out with me yelling at him.

But here is the deal. Although it is true that I am not ready, it is NOT because I am high maintenance.  It is that while my husband showered and shaved, I figured out what tie looked best with his black suit (as he requested), edited his speech for the benefit that night (as he requested), fixed dinner for the kids, picked up the babysitter, and found our missing tortoise (again).

Now in my husband’s defense, he would be willing to help out with a few of these things if I asked him. But this is how his “helping” would have gone:

  1. Choosing his suit: He would have tried on two suits and five ties and with each change he would ask me to take a look. Then he would ask me which one I liked best and question why I liked the one I did.
  2. Picking up the babysitter: He would load the kids in the car to go pick her up, but have to come back in to ask me where she lives, even though we have picked her up and dropped her off at least ten other times. I would give him directions, which he would leave on the counter.
  3. Editing his own speech: He would sit at his desk for hours writing and re-writing his speech, calling me in every few minutes to ask what I thought of each sentence he had added or deleted. Eventually, I would have to tell him that it was fine and he needed to stop editing, because we had to leave soon and he still needed to shower.
  4. Dinner for the kids:  He would lay out three bowls and two boxes of cereal. Maybe put a banana next to each bowl if he was really thinking about nutrition.
  5. The lost tortoise: He would look around for two minutes, then put a bowl of water and a couple pieces of lettuce on the floor, claiming it would return when it was hungry.

So I have to decide if I want my husband’s ”help”, or if I should just suck it up knowing if I do everything it will be done right and with less hassle. And, if I do it all, I will also have to accept my husband’s belief that throwing on my “go to” simple black dress, hair in a ponytail, one coat of mascara and lip gloss is the look of a high maintenance wife.

I think I will save myself a headache and stick with the latter option, and maybe one day when the kids don’t need a babysitter, they feed themselves dinner, and the tortoise has an escape-proof tank, I will have time to show him what real primping looks like.

Happy Holidays fellow DSPs.

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3 Responses to Holiday Party: Are You Ready Yet?

  1. Barbara says:

    AMEN!!!!All guys are the same, they are the ones that are high maintenance. So hang in there, you have just begun!!! It gets worse the older they get!!! Love your blog, keep up the great work!!

  2. tgirl says:

    I think the author of “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus” might have been on to something.

  3. peggy says:

    Husbands are great but let’s be honest, they could never be the CEO of our busy schedules….we run circles around them:)

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