Not (Quite) Mother’s Margaritas – Easy as 4-5-6

In DSP Dixie‘s world, Spring means time to dust off the patio furniture and whip up some fun drinks. As the sign says on her front porch,  ”Sit. Relax. Gossip.”

But since these porch-sittin-parties are often impromptu, an easy yet festive adult beverage recipe is always appreciated. This gem was learned from my dear cousin Miss Barbara Sue of Memphis, Tennessee. It’s a twist on the traditional margarita and makes that nasty neon green mix from a bottle taste worse than a Yankee’s fried cornbread.

And, for us Domestic Square Pegs, it’s simple to remember and takes no measuring…as we say around the office, “It’s DSP Lovey-proof”.

Not (Quite) Mother’s 4-5-6 Margaritas

4      Frozen concentrate limeade

5      (Fifth) Tequila

6      Pack of Mexican beer*

Mix all of the above in large container. Makes enough for a large party or a medium number of your SEC football friends. Serve over ice. Add a lime wedge or salt rim for a ‘high cotton’ effect. Serve in a mason jar if you are me.

Open up a bag of chips, a jar of salsa and call it a fiesta!

Now, the real test … what does DSP Jack-of-all-Trades think?

* DSP Connie can use gluten free beer, of course.

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3 Responses to Not (Quite) Mother’s Margaritas – Easy as 4-5-6

  1. DSP Jack says:

    Love it! I’ve been making this margarita recipe since college. Of course, I always used cheap beer (usually Milwaukee’s Best…The BEAST!) instead of that (fancy-schmacy) mexican beer. I know, I know…Not exactly gourmet. But it’s tasty. And, yes, it is “DSP Lovey-Proof”.


  2. JenE says:

    DSP Dixie I think the first time I met you I polished off most of these delicious margaritas you had brought along! Thanks for the recipe, I owe you a batch!

  3. Nonna and Poppy says:

    I made these margaritas for a group of friends that were camping in motor homes. It was May 5th and we were enjoying a Mexican meal, and what better way to celebrate but, MARGARITAS. Everyone was so impressed and wanted this recipe. Thanks, Dixie.

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