Not (Quite) Mother’s Dishwasher Cleaner…Sweet!

What? You have to clean something that cleans something? Not what DSP Dixie likes to hear.

I saw this on HGTV and tried it with a decades old Kool-Aid packet that was hiding in pantry.  I had to break up the mix with a knife to pour it into the bottom of my dishwasher, but that was kinda fun. It was easy. It worked. It smelled good.

I (almost) felt like a Domestic Goddess. Well, until I realized that I had to pack my kids dry cereal and a bag of nuts for lunch. Again.


Open lemonade Kool-Aid packet
Break apart with knife if ancient
Sprinkle into the bottom of your empty dishwasher
Run the cycle. Any cycle. (You know DSP Dixie doesn’t do details by now)

Enjoy your clean dishwasher. Pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back and gloat.

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One Response to Not (Quite) Mother’s Dishwasher Cleaner…Sweet!

  1. Katie says:

    Does this really work?! This sounds easy enough for me!

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