Not (Quite) Mother’s Coffee Grounds Hand Scrub

Let’s face it. Your hands don’t lie. I wish they did, but there’s no getting around it. If we’re lucky, we all age and our hands seem to age even faster than the rest of us. Sun damage, dishes, and yard work leave our hands beyond anything a typical moisturizer can combat.

I’ve tried all types of potions and goops and none seem to make much of a difference in the war on age for my hands. Recently, my mom told me that she heard about a creative, all natural and essentially FREE “scrub” for this very issue.

Used Coffee Grounds Hand Scrub

It’s simple. When your drip coffee is done brewing, take the filter out and dump the used grounds into your hands in the kitchen sink. Rub the grounds on your hands and massage them for a few minutes. Rinse your hands and enjoy the luxuriously smooth, exfoliated and plumped feel of your skin. Caffeine has been shown to temporarily smooth wrinkles.

So, brew up a pot of Joe and pamper yourself at the same time. Now, I’m off to test out some spa recipes with wine…beauty from the inside – out.

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