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DOMESTIC SQUARE PEG mentions (it’s not gossip, if it’s true! Go ahead and talk about us, we love it & we’ll post it!)


Thank you Garanimals for the “potential number one customer” comment below in response to DSP Lovey’s open letter plea!

Thanks so much for your interest in Garanimals and your kind words about our brand. We don’t blame you for wanting adult simple, unique and affordable clothes! Who doesn’t?

We loved your very clever post; and you may be happy to find out we were not surprised by your desire to wear Garanimals. Through the years and recently, since we have entered the world of social media, we have had many requests for an adult line.

We have heard from busy working women who are fashion challenged, wives who are embarrassed by the clothing their husbands wear and men who need help putting tops and bottoms together.

We will surely contact you, since you already deemed yourself to be our potential number one customer, if adult Garanimals are developed.

Give us a private shout at if you want to talk more about this.

Stay tuned and thanks again for the brand mention.




And here is our Shout Color Catcher review on S.C. Johnson’s website, (imperfectly spelled word and all).

What is Domestic Square Peg webzine?

In a world where traditional domestic roles are rapidly changing, you can count on Domestic Square Peg, an online magazine.   We serve women and men who believe that finding what fits for them and their families is more important than what society says is a traditional “one-size-fits-all” way of doing things.

Domestic Square Peg webzine believes we are all im-perfectly perfect, and that trying to fit everything into a busy life is challenging.  We will be there to add a little humor and to help make life’s journey more fun and more manageable by offering informative articles that are sometimes hilarious, occasionally provocative and always fitting for our Domestic Square Peg (DSP) community. You can count on us to give readers real DSP reviews on products and services, and to offer helpful tips that are useful in daily life. From the do-it-all mom and dad to the baby boomer – Domestic Square Peg webzine finds what fits for our readers.

About our Staff:
Besides being proud Domestic Square Pegs, here is a little bit about our great staff. We are a group of men and women from across the country with diverse backgrounds and interests. Some are stay-at- home moms and dads, and others work outside the home.  A few spend their days in suits, another in a hard hat and one in a chef’s hat. We have talented artists and a couple “should-be” professional comedians. There is a public figure, a former NBA basketball player, an author, a philanthropist, a television news personality, an actor, a director and one total computer nerd. Many of us are weekend warriors while others prefer brunch and a great newspaper.  One thing we have in common is that we all believe in finding what fits for our Domestic Square Peg community.


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Target Age Range: 30-70 years

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