“I Wish I Never Taught My Kids to Make Their Own Breakfast,” said No One EVER!

I don’t know how it is around your house, but many of my mornings are a total goat rodeo. Feed the dog, walk the dog, feed the kids, pack the lunch, apply the sunscreen, and squeeze in a cup of coffee or three for momma.

Any tricks I can learn to streamline the circus are welcome. A few months back, I taught my 11 year old daughter to make a ham and cheese omelet. I had no idea how handy it would be. She has become such a pro at her “hamlets” as she calls them, that she is eager to show off her skills to anyone who will sit still.  And that gives me time to sit still.

This means less time for DSP Dixie in the kitchen! The “hamlet” has become my best friend!

I loved this freedom so much, I started searching out more easy, kid-friendly recipes that my darling Top Chef-in-Training could master, so I could squeeze out a little more ‘me’ time. I came across this idea for “Breakfast Sushi” and thought it had all the makings of another DSP Dixie aha! moment.

DSP-Approved Breakfast Sushi

Simply cover the peeled bananas in nut butter and slice in rounds like a sushi. Roll the rounds in the rice cereal. Pour some maple syrup in a little bowl and serve with chopsticks and you got yourself BREAKFAST SUSHI!

Now, does anyone have any ideas on how to make cleaning toilets kid-friendly and fun?

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