I Found my Phone in the Refrigerator…

So you already know that I am a DSP because my memory is half-empty.  But my cup is half-full, and that’s why I can laugh about what happened to me this week…

Too Busy

I’ve come to the conclusion (in the shower of course) that the reason I tend to misplace things, or as my husband labels it, “temporarily store things where I can’t find them” is because I’m just too darn busy.  I’m too busy working; writing, shooting (video, not wildlife), exercising, planning (I’m always planning for some event, right now it’s our daughter’s college graduation party), shopping, or volunteering (aka, serving on a very important advisory board).  And when I’m super-busy is when I loose things.

I suddenly realized my phone was missing.  What could have happened to my “lifeline”?

Which is why, just yesterday, after rushing to the market for dinner in between meetings and gardening (gotta have those flowers planted for the party), I suddenly realized my phone was missing.  What could have happened to my “lifeline”? (isn’t everybody’s phone their lifeline to the world?  or is it Facebook that’s the lifeline…) between the market, the car, and the kitchen?

Bummer.  Thank goodness I’ve got that fancy new Apple app, “Find my iPhone”.  I got out my laptop, which is hard to loose, and started my GPS search for my phone.  Sure enough, the little blue dot on the Google Earth map started signaling that my phone was somewhere within my home.  As I zoomed in closer, I could see that the iPhone was located in the kitchen.  But still, no matter how hard I looked searched the kitchen, I couldn’t find my phone.

Distractions can be bad- but sometimes good

Out of frustration, I decided to suspend the phone search in favor of a snack break.  When I opened the fridge for some juice, I noticed something sticking out from under the fresh, butcher-wrapped ahi tuna that I had recently placed on the shelf.  Now, I have no idea how my beloved iPhone found its’ way into the cold, dark refrigerator, but there it was, just like my “Find my iPhone” app tried to tell me.  I must have been so busy I didn’t realize that I had thrown the phone in with the fish– huh?  How does one do that?

The only thing I can say is that there’s a lesson here:  Just say no.  ”No!” to over-committing.  ”No!” to cleaning the bathroom.  ”No!” to making dinner.  If I just clear my calendar, I’ll stop being so distracted with my multitude of tasks, obligations, projects and commitments.  And I’ll probably stop loosing my phone.   Or not.

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One Response to I Found my Phone in the Refrigerator…

  1. Dena says:

    I don’t feel as bad, knowing that I’m not the only one that did this. I lost my phone on Sunday, but I knew it was somewhere in the house also. & yes, I had just gotten back from Costco….but in the fridge? I didn’t even look there.
    My husband found it today (Tuesday) when he was pulling out the roast to cook for dinner. Yes, my husband cooks, and the phone was sitting on the chuck steak!

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