Not (Quite) Mother’s “I Don’t Bake” Graduation Dessert

You should know by now that DSP Dixie doesn’t bake; she “assembles”. She doesn’t like to measure and hates doing dishes.

But, a Southern Girl like her likes to get her party on.

My daughter graduates from Elementary school this year and we are hosting a little soiree with family and friends to celebrate. I can handle the dinner end (you know my 33/33/33 rule) … but, wanted a fun and different and above all EASY dessert. Top that with the fact that it needs to be gluten free.

What you need:

After you unwrap the Reeses, carefully push the end of your lollipop stick into the candy cups. If the cups are too cold, it may break, so make sure they are room temperature.

Now, work on the tops. I used these small Godiva chocolate squares. They aren’t the cheapest little things, but the proportions were perfect and because they were individually wrapped, the edges were clean. You can use any chocolate you want. Simply put a small dot of the brown icing on the candy cup and use it to glue the chocolate square onto the candy cup.

For the tassel, cut a small piece of the yellow Airhead sour belt and attach it to the top with another small dot of icing. I used a toothpick. Or, I should say … my daughter used a toothpick because she really is the one who made these. (as usual)

The directions I used said to “display them in a lovely foam dome spray-painted to match your tablescape.” Huh? I took a large bowl and filled it with rice and stick the sticks in there and it worked just dandy. That’s good enough for me.

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