DSP Nurse Kris: Your Daily Dose

10 foods every DSP hates to love:

  1. Pot Pies – packed with calories, fat and salt!
  2. Cheesecake – two words:  saturated fat
  3. Specialty Coffee Drinks – hidden calories
  4. Fast Food French Fries (who are we kidding?  ANYTHING fried!)
  5. Canned Soups – salt!
  6. Ice Cream (I’m talking the full fat kind!)
  7. Processed Breads (WHITE!)
  8. Some Cheeses (yikes! As a Wisconsinite, this one hurts!)
  9. Bacon – lots of calories mostly from salt and fat
  10. Soda – sugar (and diet is no better)
    I see a theme here, do you?  Now, I don’t mean to disappoint (although, I doubt there are any surprises here)– just enjoy in moderation ;)

    Reference:  ”Top 10 Foods to Never Eat

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