DSP Nurse Kris: Your Daily Dose

DSP Sandy of Minnesota ~ wonders if her kitchen sponge is as gross as they say?

Yep, it is!  After sponges soak-up the food scraps and suds, they become packed with harmful bacteria.
But there are a few ways to beat those nasty bugs.
Just toss your sponge in the dishwasher (wash & dry mode) or microwave (on high for about a minute)  at least once a week. This will zap nearly all the bugs that could cause trouble in your tummy.

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2 Responses to DSP Nurse Kris: Your Daily Dose

  1. DSP Dixie says:

    RX Nurse Kris- I just took the stainless grate out of my sink because every time I look at it, gunk is all over it and it reminds me how much I hate to do dishes. After reading your article, I cannot even imagine the “cooties” that are sitting on it now.
    Sometimes, instead of worrying about cleaning things, I just get rid of them. It FITS for me! ;-) Now, off to microwave my sponge.

  2. DSP Nurse Kris says:

    That sink grate is another item to toss into your dishwasher from time to time. I use the dishwasher to clean everything from my kid’s sticky lunchboxes to the water grate in my fridge to that “cootie-filled” sponge! Glad you found what fits for you!

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