DSP Nurse Kris: Your Daily Dose

DSP Nancy of Georgia ~ wants to know if Kombucha is really ”all that” or just another fad?

The quick and dirty answer: FAD.
The fermented tea drink has been around for centuries but it’s current claims have not been proven the way we medical folk prefer– scientifically.  Now this doesn’t mean it has no benefits, there’s just no proof.
If you like it, drink it– but don’t overdo it (especially since it does contain some alcohol).
As with just about anything, more is not better– there have been cases of adverse effects such as stomachaches, infections and allergic reactions.
And STAY AWAY from the unpasteurized Kombucha (i.e. homemade) since it can be brimming with bad bacteria.  Bottom line, when no one seems to know much about an item, be wary and wait until the jury is in on it’s safety and effectiveness.

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