You may be a DSP like DSP LOVEY if…


She’s a grown up tomboy who loves sports, and a good burger. She’ll dress up when she has to, but glazes over and occasionally nods off when people talk to her about shopping, decorating or cooking. She loves to hang out with her husband, kids and dogs more than anything. She’s outspoken for a cause and doesn’t mind swimming upstream. DSP Lovey tries to always be polite, because manners matter.

1. You are double booked far too often because you can’t seem to say no to anything. And you rarely look at your calendar before saying yes.

2. You have started a “Ways I have let you down Counseling Fund” for your children.

3. You have burned hardboiled eggs and/or almost every other kind of food at one time or another.

4. Your mother is a good cook, housekeeper, can sew and loves gardening and you question how those strengths skipped you completely?

5. You wish they would start making Garanimal Clothes for adults so you know the zebra shirt goes with the zebra pants.

6. You would rather go almost anywhere than shopping.

7. You have only turned to the Cooking Channel on accident.

8. You actually watch the Super Bowl for the game and not the commercials.

9. You would rather go to the dentist than sit through a meeting talking about color schemes for an event.

10. You think giving kids snacks and trophies for everything will only turn them into soft and coddled adults.

Check back each day this week for another “You May be a DSP if…” from another writer. Which DSP fits for you?

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