DSP JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I almost never lie (as far as you know).
I almost always drive with the radio on (even if it’s radio Disney).
I will NOT eat…Um…my dog Bruno?  Everything else is fair game.  I try not to eat “culturally”. Why is it ok to eat every part of a pig or cow and taboo to admit I’ve eaten horse?
The first time I saw my wife, I knew.
It would be wrong to think you can judge me by appearance. My Mom always told me to “remember who I was and what I represented”.  If you can tell me what that means, I would appreciate it.
Character flaw:  I never fail to point out my PEEEEEVES.  Holding the phone five inches from your mouth while driving is NOT hands free! Just sayin’.
I always knew I would be on the big screen.
I’m afraid of snakes.  No arms, no legs…how do they move?!?
One time I was wrong.  I thought I was wrong but I ended up being right.  Go figure.
I wish I could tell my wife that she didn’t have to go to work if she didn’t want to.
First car was a hand-me-down.  Heck, I’m the youngest.  Everything was a hand-me-down.
I was born in last place.  Still racing.
Something no one would believe about me is I actually enjoyed Grease 2.  Some of Michelle Pfeiffer’s best work!  “Who’s that guy?!?”
Habits I dislike most in people:  Don’t get me started…
My worst habit is not good for me.
True love is…Nice.
Ginger or Mary Ann?  Mary Ann!  Duh.
I feel the most ‘myself’ when I’m cooking for family and friends.
Three words to describe me – Hopeless Daydream Believer
Three people (dead or alive) that would make the BEST dinner party – Tina Fey, Jon Stewart, and Mark Twain.
Hollywood actor who would play me – Me
There’s no good way to polish a turd.
One day I will look back at my life and smile.
Right now, I am half naked.  Which half?  I’ll never tell.

Bonus: Here are two truths and one lie about DSP Jack-of-all-trades and let’s see if you can pick out the lie:

  1. I once went through a class 5 rapid with no boat.
  2. I can juggle while jumping on a pogo stick.
  3. I’ve been a guest at Lebron James’ and Jay Z’s Birthday party in Vegas.

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2 Responses to DSP JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. DSP Dixie says:

    Hmmm, that’s a tough one, DSP Jack, but my guess for the LIE is #1.

  2. DSP Nurse Kris says:

    Since your very first comment is you “almost” never lie– could there actually be any THRUTHs?!? ;o)

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