DSP HARLEY: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I almost never watch standard definition TV or movies.  I am a bit of an HD-elitist with my screens.
I almost always eat some type of meat during my meals.
I will NOT eat mayonnaise. Seriously…look at that stuff…YUCK!!!
The first time I feel I know everything about something pigs will be flying.
It would be wrong to think I would go along with the crowd because it is easier.
My Mom always told me to introduce my girlfriend or wife by their name NOT as ‘my girlfriend/wife’.  “Women aren’t possessions to be owned.”
Character flaw: I never forget/get-over conversations or arguments when someone has said something hurtful.
I always knew I would marry a woman with A LOT of patience for my issues.
I’m afraid of flying.  There are no fender-benders in airplane accidents.  I get around as nature intended…in a car (bonus points if you know what Meg Ryan movie that is from).
One time I caught a gorgeous ling cod that was subsequently chomped by a young blue shark while reeling it into the dory.  Grandpa, who was pissed at the shark for ruining the good ling cod, pulled both into the boat…and neither went back into the water.  He was not going to lose the fish AND his expensive hooks and weights!

I wish I could paint or draw. My artwork looks like that of an inebriated chimpanzee with wet crayons.
First car was a motorcycle actually.  Bought it in college and have been riding one ever since.
I was born in Portland, OR.
Something no one would believe about me is I really do like good “Chick Flicks” along with my action movie diet.
Habit I dislike most in people is being dishonorable in their actions or words.
My worst habit is saying yes to too many other people’s projects at the expense of my own.
True love is like trying to describe the smell of coffee.  Coffee smells like coffee.  True love feels like true love and I am lucky enough to have that with my wife.
Ginger or Mary Ann?  Yes.
I feel the most ‘myself’ when I am awake.  I don’t really ever filter myself…for better or worse.
Three words to describe me – Intense. Ornery. Loving.
Three people (dead or alive) that would make the BEST dinner party – Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, and John F. Kennedy.  I can’t imagine a more enlightening, entertaining, or sarcastic group of regular guys living extraordinary lives.
Hollywood actor who would play me – Harrison Ford circa ‘Raiders of the Lost Arc’.  He is a studious bookworm/nerd that loves adventure, getting dirty, and won’t hesitate to shoot the bad guy!
There’s no good way to lie to someone.
One day I will travel to Australia, climb a tree, and pet a Koala bear. Fun Koala fact: Don’t try and pet a Koala on the ground.  It usually means they are looking for a new eucalyptus source and are rather cranky.
Right now, I am typing the answers to these questions with a 15-month old snoring next to me.

Here are  two truths and one lie about DSP Harley and let’s see if anyone can pick out the LIE:

1.)    I was once stabbed with a fork in the shoulder.
2.)    I passed on talking to President Clinton so I could talk to Tom Brokaw instead.
3.)    I can ride a unicycle.

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4 Responses to DSP HARLEY: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Dave says:

    Very good read!!

  2. DSP Dixie says:

    My guess is #3 is the lie.

  3. DSP Nurse Kris says:

    I’m gonna give it to #1! And if not, get a tetanus shot, will ya?!

  4. Jake M. says:

    Let’s put it this way…I quickly became current on my tetanus shots:) And Tom Brokaw has amazing hair!

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