DSP Dixie’s Crazy Mixed Up Holiday Birthday Party Plan

Recently, when brainstorming a theme for my daughter’s 11th birthday party, we came up with an easy, fun, inexpensive, creative and totally DSP theme.

The Crazy Mixed Up Holiday Birthday Party!

Christmas Tree. Halloween Costumes. Thanksgiving Dinner. Valentines Dessert. Easter Egg Hunt.

  1. We asked the guests to wear Halloween costumes and wrap the gifts in Christmas paper.
  2. We dug out the little fake pink Christmas tree from the attic and put the presents under it.
  3. I served a “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily, I got most of it at the deli: thick turkey slices, gravy, cranberry sauce and mashed taters. I “made” Stovetop stuffing and steamed some green beans. It’s totally DSP Lovey proof.
  4. For dessert, we had a Valentines themed cake.
  5. To end the party, the kids each got a basket (which also doubled as their goody bag) and went on an Easter Egg Hunt!

You can take this idea as far as you want or stick to these guidlines. It’s fun for ANY age from little ones to your great Aunt Alma’s 90th celebration. Go forth, and party. Make DSP Dixie proud.

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