You May be a DSP like Dixie if…

Who is DSP DixieTrue Southern sorority girl – the good, the bad and the ugly. DSP Dixie enjoys costume parties, umbrella drinks and girl time. Dedicated to social issues but questions social standings, volunteers for causes she holds close to her heart as well as to get you another drink. Collector of dust bunnies and lover of antique cars. DSP Dixie can bait a hook and get a mani/pedi in the same day. Irons annually and doesn’t sort laundry. Mom/wife/only child/friend/teacher/artist. Game starter, problem solver and trouble maker. She’s “that friend”.

1. You can’t remember the last time you cleaned your kids’ shower, but you can remember all the words to the new Lady Gaga song. Priorities, baby.

2. You’d rather wear cute shoes to your son’s baseball game than be comfy.

3. You think politics and religion actually are good dinner party conversations.

4. You don’t bake. You “assemble”.

5. You are equally as comfortable at a charity boardroom meeting as you are at a Las Vegas mega-club.

6. You iron semi-annually.

7. You choose Keratin hair treatments over cleaning supplies.

8. You don’t allow your kids to have video games.

9. You’re not 100% sure your vacuum really works, but you know Botox does.

10. You say what you mean and mean what you say.

And … you’re OK with it all, y’all. 

Check back each day this week for another “You May be a DSP if…” from another writer. Which DSP fits for you?

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