This Year I Vow to get Organized!

Chaos theory

I have come to the conclusion that being disorganized has made my life unmanageable.  Some experts say the stress caused by a “cluttered” and confused lifestyle can manifest in many ways- from constantly searching for our keys or glasses (usually found in pockets and on our heads) to missing deadlines or staying up late to complete projects, tasks or work.    We Domestic Square Pegs do not need more stress in our lives.

Time for a fresh start

The new year brings the opportunity for starting fresh.  Out with the old, in with the new.  A chance to change that which we DSPs can change, and forget about the that which we cannot- like our in-law’s unsolicited critiques, or our spouse’s passion for Civil War reenactments.  I’ve decided it’s time to take control of some of the out-of-control areas in my life, so I’m setting new goals for myself in 2012.

I’m getting rid of things I don’t need, use or want any more- like my first cell phone, which I got in 1997. Yes, it’s still here, along with the phones I got over the past decade. But rather than add to a land fill with all my discards, like clothes I haven’t worn in more than two years, I turned to one of my most reliable sources for recycling, donating and selling reusable goods.

Donate, recycle, sell

I dug out my March, 2011 edition of O” The Oprah Magazine, which I had stashed in my nightstand since last year.  ”O” is full of information on what to do with almost everything, from the old cell phone to my “one size too small” pencil skirt. Here are some of the highlights:

For that skirt and all the other out-of-date clothing that no longer fits in my closet or lifestyle, I can call Vietnam Veterans of America.  The local chapter will gladly pick up the clothing, and  they’ll resell it to fund programs for veterans.  You can schedule a pick up online at .

We have dozens of old DVDs from when my kids were younger, but now with Netflix, the kids’ DVDs have lost their luster- and they overwhelm our bookshelves.   A wonderful organization called Kid Flicks, run by four sisters, distributes family-friendly movies to children’s hospitals and pediatric departments throughout the country.  You can find them at .

I don’t need to give away my car, but if your old rig is just taking up room in your garage, you can donate it to Habitat for Humanity.  They not only tow it away but provide the receipt you need to get the tax deduction.  The money they get when they resell your car helps to build affordable housing in your area. .  

And those old instruments the kids swore they wanted to play in the band?  I have a nearly-new violin, a barely-used clarinet, and a beautiful brass trumpet that have sat in the attic and now the basement for 5-10 years.  My kids loved playing them- till the thought it wasn’t cool any more.  Now that I’m over the sentimental attachment to my childrens’ instruments, I can donate them to schools where students whose families can’t afford instruments, will now be able to participate in music programs.

I still have to load up the garbage and recycling bins with the trash, and endless reams of paper that clutters my office, but this is a start.  Oh, and those old cell phones?  They won’t harm the environment with toxic materials.  Flipswap will buy our phones and resell them or safely recycling them. They will also plant a tree for every phone recycled.  They’ve planted more than 400,000 trees since 2008!  You can print out a free-shipping label at .

Be It Resolved…

I resolve in 2012 to be a bit more organized!  Despite my tangential nature, I know that better organization is key to a happy home, and a happy life.  Here’s to a more stress-free life from this Domestic Square Peg to all my like-minded friends.


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