DSP CONNIE: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I almost never forget my phone (I just misplace it)

I almost always remember where I put my keys

I will NOT eat animal brains

The first time I took a film class in college I knew my life path

It would be wrong to think that it’s ever too late

My Mom always told me to “Break up the pill: when the task is too big, breaking it up makes it easier to swallow”

I always knew I would live outside the box

I’m afraid of being stuck in an MRI machine (a bit claustrophobic)

One time I won the Kata Grand Championship at a major regional Karate tournament

I wish I could have a wonderful head of hair

Worst hairstyle 1980s- every day

Number of siblings four- three brothers, one sister

I was born in a driving rainstorm

Something no one would believe about me is I have a checkered past

My worst habit is over-explaining things to my kids, husband, anyone close to me, I mean, sometimes I repeat instructions and just go on and on and…

True love is when you want happiness for the other- as much as for yourself.   You also hold their hair back when they puke

I feel the most ‘myself’ when I am immersed in the creative process- writing or filmmaking

Three people (dead or alive) that would make the BEST dinner party Singer/Song Writer Joni Mitchell, Helen Keller and Oda Thomas- the grandmother I “take after” but never met

Hollywood actor who would play me Goldie Hawn or Matt Damon

There’s no good way to live without integrity

One day I will write the screenplay adaptation of Strawberries in the Snow, my father’s memoir

Here are  two truths and one lie about me.

 1. I performed as a dancer onstage for the rock band Steppenwolf as part of their concert.
 2.  I told Robert Redford he should start an annual film festival for independent filmmakers
 3.  I fought off two men who jumped in my car at a stoplight



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4 Responses to DSP CONNIE: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Vicki Thomas says:

    # 2 is false!

  2. carol says:

    Hi Vicki!
    Good job on your guess. Alas, I never met Robert Redford, but if I had, I would have planted the seed that has become known, of course, as the Sundance Film Festival.
    Thanks for playing– You’re now (well, you always were) an official Domestic Square Peg Friend! I’ll be in touch to get you your DSP prize.
    And stay tuned for the upcoming spring launch of our new Domestic Square Peg online magazine– coming in April! It will be very different from this blog– and even more fun!

  3. McKenna says:

    Matt Damon would be great to play you in a movie! (haha)

  4. John says:

    I love this piece! Especially this: “True love is when you want happiness for the other- as much as for yourself. You also hold their hair back when they puke.” Awesome!

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