Dear Mom, You Were Right.

Hey Mom!

Well, it’s been five and half years since I was able to hug you and share our uncanny ability to make fun of things that probably shouldn’t be made fun of.  Life has gotten even more crazy since you were here. The kids are huge!  They are the best and you would be so proud.

I now know what you meant when you wanted “those NASA scientists to invent the dinner pill”. It is impossible to quench those insatiable appetites!  And you raised three boys…yikes!  I also know what you meant when you told me that “parenting is for the young”. You were not kidding. Keeping up with those kiddos is hard work. Thankfully I have enough energy (barely) to do so.

I think about you all the time. I know your body let you down in the later years and you were not able to be the person that raised me, taught me how to laugh, and reminded me that being ‘well rounded and liked’ would be more important than being an off putting specialist.

I think of the little note you put in the freezer that said “You TAKE ice, you MAKE ice”. That’s my life motto! It’s a lot easier now that we have an automatic ice maker (ha ha), but the metaphor for how to treat people and the world around us still rings true.  I think of the times you would ask me questions and inquire about what was going on in my life. When I would rebuff you (I was a teenager!), you would tell me “Be glad someone is interested in you!”.

You were right. I am fortunate people are interested in me. I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family. I have finally realized that this is what life is all about.  It doesn’t matter how important you are or what amazing things you are able to accomplish.  What matters is who you have around you to share this beautiful world with. I kick myself every day for not soaking up more of your wisdom when you were here.

Life is hard mom. It throws us curveballs.  It is unpredictable. One of the things I always remember counting on you for is helping me find things. I think every mom has the psychic ability to know where everything is, and thus they have to constantly help their children find things when lost.

How many times did I yell “Mom??  Where is my _____?”.   You knew where it was every time. Sometimes I still lose things.  I lose my patience. I lose my ability to remember what’s most important in life.  I lose my way. It happens. If you were here, I am sure you’d help me find them. I miss you mom.

Happy Mothers Day. I love you.

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