Dr. Castle Pet Vet: Tackling DSP Pet “Peeves”

Dear Dr. Castle,
Why does my 11-month-old puppy love to chew so much? Sometimes on his toys, but more often on my sunglasses, remote control or favorite shoes. Ugh! I have been giving him large real beef rib bones (leftover from my cooking) and he loves them and they tend to last a long time. But, I have run out of my stash. I want to purchase some chew toys and bones for him at the pet store. There are so many to chose from and I want to make the right choice.
Rawhide or no rawhide?
Natural bones or synthetic dental-cleaning bones?
Help! “Ratty Shoes”, Portland, OR

Dear “Ratty Shoes”,
Great question. I like the bleached rawhides without the glazed coating. I also prefer the larger version of these rawhide bones. I also like the Nylabones and The Kong toys. The Kongs can have a hollow center and dogs love it when you place some kibble inside, they will play with the Kong rolling it around to get at the kibble inside. I also like “Greenies”, Dogs tolerate them well and they are a fairly healthy snack. Another tip: try placing a small amount of peanut butter inside the rawhide
(small crevices) or the Kong…watch your pet go crazy!  Some negative reinforcement to discourage chewing on shoes etc.?  Place some coins in a soda can, duct tape the opening and shake the can when you catch your puppy in the act of chewing household items.  They do NOT like the noise and usually stop chewing…soon.  Pretty soon, just the sight of the can will eliminate the behavior on the spot!
Good Luck!  Pet Vet Greg Castle

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One Response to Dr. Castle Pet Vet: Tackling DSP Pet “Peeves”

  1. marcie whittier says:

    Good info on a nasty habit some dogs have – not to mention shoes are too expensive to use for “dog snaks” Thanks Dr.Castel – hope you get lots more good questions to help out pet owners 1

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