Dr. Castle Pet Vet: Social Networking For Pets?

Dear Dr. Castle,
Why does my dog want to stop, sniff and then relieve himself on the same telephone pole every time they go for a walk, even if he just went to the bathroom?
Michelle from Tulsa, OK

Dear Michelle,
Many people believe that dogs (mostly males) urinate on things to “mark their territory”, however many animals simply like to leave their scent on things to be social. Your dog probably starts off sniffing the pole to find out who else has been there before him and then leaves his own scent which is similar to us clicking “like” on a place on Facebook we like. Most likely the pole is the neighborhood’s favorite social spot.

Hope this helps!  Pet Vet Dr. Castle 

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One Response to Dr. Castle Pet Vet: Social Networking For Pets?

  1. marcie whittier says:

    Good response – makes sense – and I always thought it was just to mark territory
    Hope are there are more good pet question answers. Very helpful

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