NURSE KRIS Off-Duty: Be A Leader And They Will Follow

Opportunity to Teach a Teenager

I’m always looking for ways to build my girl’s self-esteem and never shy away from an opportunity to pat them on the back when they stand up for themselves, become a leader— become a Bieber believer.  That’s right,  my daughter’s love of Justin Bieber just may have taught her a little lesson that could serve her well in life– let me explain…

My 13-year-old adores Justin Bieber.  But for every one believer, there seems to be twice as many Bieber bashers.  I too have found this to be true, but remain amazed by the fact the teen phenom still rakes in millions of dollars.  How does this happen if no one likes him?  My daughter has a theory:  they are closet believers.  Kids scared to share their love for fear of ridicule and teasing.  Kids who enjoy the teen singer, but don’t think it’s “cool” to admit it.  Apparently, it’s not very cool to like Justin Bieber.  Now, for those of you wondering who the heck I am referring to, think Donny Osmond. Enough said.

Bullied if You Like Justin Bieber

“Funny I catch these kids singing every word of a Bieber song, even though they claim they can’t stand him?!?!?” she observed.  “It’s just so frustrating they tease others when I KNOW they like his music but just won’t admit it!”

I took this as an opportunity to teach my daughter about how important it is to stand up for what she believes in, no matter how big or small.

Lead by Believing– Not Bullying

She did– and guess what?  Just about every one of those Bieber non-believers began to believe again, only this time without fear of judgment.  They found strength and support in my daughter’s determination to speak the truth about her admiration of the teen idol.  She learned what it takes to be a leader and her friends began to listen to their favorite songs again… for everyone to hear!

Gandhi led people to peace.  Martin Luther King, equality.  Coco Chanel, style.  My daughter?  The basic right to be a believer in Justin Bieber.

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3 Responses to NURSE KRIS Off-Duty: Be A Leader And They Will Follow

  1. Lisa G says:

    Love this! What a great message you shared with your daughter. I think we all need a refresher on this one, more often than not, people are just waiting for someone else to say it first!

    P.S. I’ll admit, I love a little Bieber on my running playlist, and I’m in college!

  2. Kloor says:

    I think your on to something. Everyone of the Jr.High girls in our youth group that Rachel and I help lead is obsessed with JB. While the boys pretend to “hate his guts,” they all know the words…

    That said I am proud that I can honestly admit that I could not name a JB song, or sing a single verse of one of his songs… even the rap one.

    Keep up the great work!!!!

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