NURSE KRIS Off-Duty Finds There is no Shortcut to Fitness

Time to Tone…Using Just a Shoe!

Can you think of anything better than toning your body by just wearing a particular shoe? Me neither! That’s why I was so excited when companies such as Sketchers, New Balance and Reebok developed shoes that can help you tone-up your body by simply walking in them.  As a Domestic Square Peg, I’m always looking for a shortcut to shaping-up, so they had me at walking…

But they weren’t cheap and I really didn’t like the style.  The first generation of these “toning” shoes where bulky and had a thick, rounded bottom– who really wants anyone to know you’re working to shape-up your bottom by simply wearing a pair of shoes?!  But when they became a bit more discreet and developed a more stylish technology, I bought a pair.

I chose New Balance WW 850 True Balance Toning Shoe.

They are white with a pink and look just like any other athletic shoe.  In fact, so much so, I found it pretty tough to believe they would do much of anything different for me, unless maybe I ran a few miles in them.  But they make it quite clear, these shoes are not for running– simply walking.  Okay, I thought.  I can do that.

Toning Shoe Too Good to be True?

Well, after about 6 months of wearing the shoes nearly every day, I gotta tell you– in my opinion, I’m not seeing much of a change.  Now maybe I need a more scientific measurement of my muscles, but a simple, unscientific observation is they didn’t do much for me.  I am fairly fit already, but most of us could use little tightening and toning, right?  Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly wasn’t expecting any miracles, but for $90 and a tongue-twisting claim such as: ”truebalance balance board technology combines C-CAP midsole cushioning with a 1/2-length TPU leaf spring system and a rounded solid rubber outsole, all working together to tone muscles and burn more calories”– I had hoped for even a fraction of the tightening and toning that was promised.

Reebok Settles Lawsuit

This is not to say other similar shoes might make a difference, but recently Reebok agreed to pay $25-million to settle a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit that charges the company’s “toning” shoes do not reshape customers’ bodies as advertised.

I’ll still wear my shoes because they are pretty cute and comfortable, but I know they won’t lessen my time or lighten my load at the gym.   I wanted to see a little difference.  What I got was a lessen: there is no shortcut to fitness!


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