Not (Quite) Mother’s Coupon Clipping

Quit the Coupon Clipping

Have you ever watched any of the wildly popular extreme couponing shows?  As a Domestic Square Peg, clipping coupons, let alone extreme coupon-clipping, just isn’t for me. In fact, I have never successfully used a coupon in my life!  Not because I am “above” them or wouldn’t love to save a buck or two, but because I can’t for the life of me get it right!

I know, I know, you’re thinking how hard can it be?

The concept is simple:  you peruse the paper, clip the coupons, take them to the store and voila– you just saved yourself some money.  That would be for more of a Martha Stewart-type.  Here’s how it works for this DSP:  I clip the coupons.  I toss them in the car– or my purse– either way, they end up crushed and torn.  By the time I pull them out again, they are either expired or another brand (usually the store’s brand) is less expensive– even with the coupon

Well, I have found a better way to benefit from a company’s desire to convince us to buy their products:  the Internet.  No clipping.  No coupons.

Find Stuff for FREE on the Internet  offers a free item every day.  I have fallen in love with Downy Unstopables because of this site.  I tried Dannon’s new Greek yogurt, got some new shampoo and yesterday they offered to try out Taylor Swift’s new fragrance (ordered that one for my 14-year-old!)  Today they are offering to get a free Kindle download of “The Everything Soup, Stew, and Chili Cookbook”.  is another site that will tell you where to find goods that won’t cost you a thing— they simply make finding free stuff, fast!

A Word of Caution

Steer clear of the sites that try to lure you in to subscriptions by offering free items.  You shouldn’t have to give information other than an address where they begin to send you all your free stuff– no coupons needed!

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